Get more out of your installation with the Battery Sensors

A more detailed monitoring of the battery status on-board. Measured values are shown in the Battery Management display.

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Battery Sensor

The Battery Sensors add the most options for really customising an installation. Hooked up straight to the batteries they serve, they provide the boater with detailed information not only about voltage, but also current flow (in or out from the battery), its state of charge, how long time it will be before the battery is empty (or fully charged), and information about the batteries life-span/health.

The Battery Sensor monitors battery charge, status, current and voltage. Measured values are shown in the Battery Management Display. The battery sensor is dimensioned for up to 300 A load. Current and voltage must be read continuously so that reliable data can be shown. Therefore, do not disconnect the battery sensor except in exceptional cases, i.e. upon changing a battery.

Technical documentation
pdficonInstallation and Operation – Battery Management System English
pdficonInstallation instructions – Battery Sensor English

The battery sensor is installed on the battery’s negative terminal. To each BCM, up to two battery sensors can be connected to the inputs BS 1 and BS 2 on the Battery Control Module.

The battery sensor works with most batteries: AGM, GEL or flooded battery.

Technical outputs
Weight 225 g
Dimensions (W x D x H) Approx. 115 x 27 x 83 mm
Supply Voltage 6-32 V
Current Consumption – Awake 15mA
Current Consumption – Asleep <200µA
Max Current +- 1500 A for 3s

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