Extended control and configuration with the 2.5" Battery Management Display

Monitor voltage, current flow, state of charge, time to full/empty, state of health and warning messages.

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Battery Management Display

Remote battery control and information for up to four drivelines and 12 different battery groups can be presented. The menus are dynamic depending on the installation. Information about the battery’s voltage as well as menus for battery control and settings are shown as standard. Warning messages and other pop-up messages are also shown here. At start or during standby mode the display reverts to the view last shown.

Technical documentation
pdficonInstallation and Operation – Battery Management System English
pdficonInstallation instructions – Battery Management Display English
Technical outputs
Weight 82 g
Dimensions (W x D x H) 78 x 62 x 50 mm
Screen size 2.5″
Supply Voltage 6-32 V
Current Consumption – Awake <200mA
Current Consumption – Asleep <5mA
Electrical Protection IEC 60529 (IP5K6)
Compass Safe Distance 30 cm, IEC 60945

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Experience perfect control and reliability with Volvo Penta’s new comprehensive Battery Management system – a safe and easy-to-use control system for the boat’s batteries. Try our web-based configurator by following the button below to build your own Battery Management system customized to your own boats specifications. When you are done, you will get a flowchart of your installation that you can print, download and save or e-mail.

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